The Blockbuster: Breaking through Karmic Squares

The greatest challenges in your life are caused by Karmic squares which exert a controlling influence on your circumstances.
Kundalini Shakti shows us how to use the potential or momentum of the moment to break the cycle of karma using the power of the Creative energy.  Clear blocks known and unknown from your energy field. Then harmony, concord and conciliation prevail in your life.

Sted: Toten Treningssenters lokaler, Storgt 25, Gjøvik.

Tid: Fredag 28.11.2014 kl 18.00 - 20.30.

Pris: kr 325,-. Innbetaling foretas til Sat Nam Yoga, konto 1503.49.55600 - merk innbetalingen med Guru Dharam.

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